The Lumné Mission

Lumné provides creative and innovative solutions
through design, marketing, and development.
The Lumné team is passionate about our clients' amazing concepts and ideas. Lumné aims to bring light to these ideas by actualizing them both visually and functionally.

Jonathan L Clark

Founder • Designer • Front-end Developer • Marketing Consultant

Jonathan was born and raised in Southern Illinois. He grew up surrounded by family gifted with creativity who often housed international students from the local universities. These experiences helped foster a passion for art and the cultures of the world. This passion in turn influenced him on his journey through college where he earned degrees in art and communication design. He founded Lumné in late 2012. Now Jonathan strives to provide beautiful and functional solutions for people with brilliant ideas.

Hobbies: running • soccer • circuit-training • cooking • sketching • movies • books that teach new skills

Chad Milburn

Developer (aka Code Ninja)

Chad was born in Carbondale, IL, but has only recently moved back home. Along his journey, Chad became a well-rounded individual due to the powerful influences in his early life. Learning to write HTML in middle school paved the road to all his future success, software-related and otherwise, so you will find Chad is an advocate for offering Programming as a foreign language in schools. Various mentors instilled the ideals of self-starting and follow-through. He is never the smartest person in the room, so there is always something more to learn. Chad aspires to create solutions to everyday problems in new and efficient ways. As for work ethic, Jeff O'Leary said it best: "Sign your work at the end of each day. If you can't do that, find a new profession."

Hobbies: books • movies • computer hardware • cooking • spicy foods

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