Antidote Lab Alliance Game Expansion for Antidote

Antidote: Lab Alliance, a Game Expansion for Antidote

Bellwether Games and Lumné joined forces earlier this year to create a set of expansions for our Antidote. Antidote: Lab Alliance introduces new ways to play Antidote, including support for up to nine players, team play, new turn actions and special cards, and sinister new Lab Romance characters.

You can visit to learn more about the game expansions.

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Thank You: Swamped Was Successfully Funded On Kickstarter!

Once again I am filled with gratitude for the support from so many amazing people. Without the support of our Kickstarter backers Swamped would not have been made possible. Bellwether Games, Troll In The Corner, and Lumné will now be hard at work to see this project through to completion. We look forward with great anticipation to producing our game and delivering it into the hands of our supporters world wide.

To all of the amazing people who helped make Swamped possible… THANK YOU!


Swamped Coming Soon!

Coming to Kickstarter May 6, 2015. Swamped is a semi-cooperative game of adventure, secrets, and deadly peril. Lumné has been working with Ben Gerber(Designer of Swamped) and Dennis Hoyle of Bellwether Games to make Swamped unique, fun, perilous, and beautiful. The game play is well refined and will keep players on the edges of their seats. The graphics for the game are nearly complete and are designed to make the game look as adventurous, perilous, and fun as the gameplay actually is.

Get Swamped!

Ben Gerber, Bellwether Games, and Lumné invite you to be part of this adventurous project by backing Swamped on Kickstarter Continue Reading…


Celebrating Success – Antidote is now available!

The Lumné team has been diligently working over the last several months with Bellwether Games to get Antidote to our Kickstarter backers and into retail stores world wide. We are proud to say that it has been a success! Yesterday we celebrated this momentous accomplishment at the local game store Castle Perilous. At Castle Perilous we provided demos of Antidote and Drop Site for people to play, games for sale, and free refreshments. We also had a special play testing of our upcoming game Swamped.

Thank you once again to all of the Antidote fans who have made this possible!

– Jonathan L Clark