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Swamped Coming Soon!

Coming to Kickstarter May 6, 2015. Swamped is a semi-cooperative game of adventure, secrets, and deadly peril. Lumné has been working with Ben Gerber(Designer of Swamped) and Dennis Hoyle of Bellwether Games to make Swamped unique, fun, perilous, and beautiful. The game play is well refined and will keep players on the edges of their seats. The graphics for the game are nearly complete and are designed to make the game look as adventurous, perilous, and fun as the gameplay actually is.

Get Swamped!

Ben Gerber, Bellwether Games, and Lumné invite you to be part of this adventurous project by backing Swamped on Kickstarter Continue Reading…

Jacobs Air Conditioning & Heating: Advertising & Marketing

Jim Jacobs from Jacobs Air Conditioning And Heating operates his business with expert service and customer care as his two main values. When Jim approached Lumné he was seeking fresh ideas and clean/professional design to represent his business through several avenues. We worked with Jim to create new branded print and web graphics to represent Jacobs Air Conditioning And Heating with a consistent brand message “Expert service from people you can trust”. This message communicates the brand’s expertise, reliability, and approachability.

Branding • Strategy & Planning • Advertising • Print & Collateral

Client: Jacobs Air Conditioning & Heating

Photography by: Joyce Yong of Pie Collective